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Long Hair Wedding Hairdos

If your hair is naturally long, then you are one of the lucky brides! Many brides opt for hair extensions in order to achieve a Cinderella like look, as there are so many different do-s long hair can be styled in. If you need suggestions, read on!

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The first step you should take is decide if you want your hair on your shoulders, or up in a bun. Depending on that, you can easily choose a certain hairstyle that will look great.

If a sleek hairstyle is what you are searching for, you can leave your hair down and straighten it. This simple hairdo will look more elaborate if you use hair jewelry such as pins or rhinestone encrusted hair combs in different shapes. Even though this is a casual hairstyle, your hair should be in perfect condition for it – you should trim it and perhaps go for a treatment with a few days before the wedding.

Long Hair Wedding Hairdos

Long Hair Wedding Hairdos (Photo by: Robin Zebrowski)

Another bridal hairdo for a long hair is a half up one. The upper part of your hair should be twisted and put up in a bun, then fixed with a hair pin. The lower part can be either straightened or waved up. This hairstyle will look great while worn with a sparkly tiara and elaborate earrings.

A formal wedding will also require an elaborate hairstyle. We suggest a classic up-do, with all your hair pulled up. A high bun looks stunning on very long hair, and if you need, you can use hair extensions just for the day, in order to add volume to your hair.

If you are still not sure of which hairstyle you should choose for your long hair, we suggest you browse through the many bridal hair magazines out there – this will also help you realize which are the trends right now!


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